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Quan Nguyen
Teaching Assistant
Office hours: Wednesdays 4:30 pm or by appointment, 32-G7 atrium

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Sally Lee
Course Administration
Phone: 253-6837

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3-8-1. Eight Engineering Design Points.

Course Policies


The grade in this course will be based solely on your performance on the lab exercises. Each lab is to be done individually. There is roughly one lab per week for a total of 8 labs, with 2 more weeks for the project, for a total of 10 grade units. Each lab will be graded to yield a percentage score out of 100%. It is more important to turn in a lab late than to not turn it in at all. Grades are determined by the following scale:

Late Assignments

The late policy is motivated by the fact that subsequent labs build on any (or all) of the previous labs. Again, it is more important to turn in a lab, even if it is late, than to not turn it in at all.

We cannot extend the final project deadline, but if extraordinary circumstances arise, please contact the course staff.

The best extension is the one that doesn't have to be requested. To avoid needing an extension,

Lab Assignments

Labs are to be done individually and are designed to help you construct and test designs using the techniques learned in the lectures. Some of the labs are too long to be done the night before the due date, so plan accordingly. See the schedule for details on when labs are due.


Collaboration among students to understand the course material is strongly encouraged. However, any work you turn in must be your own.