6.827 Multithreaded Parallelism: Languages and Compilers Fall-2006

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6.827 Fall 2006 Syllabus

This syllabus is subject to change at any time. Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date information.  

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Schedule 6.827 Fall 2006
Date Lecture Handouts Readings
Thu Sep 7 L01 - Expressing Parallel Computation   pH Book 1,2
Hudak, A Gentle Intro to Haskell
Lambda Calculus, Types, and Functional Languages
Tue Sep 12 L02(FL1) - Functional Programming   pH Book. Appendix A
Thu Sep 14 L03(FL2) - The Lambda Calculus   pH Book 4
Tue Sep 19 L04(FL3) - Lambda Calculus with Lets PS 1 Cardelli, Simple Polymorphic Typechecking
Thu Sep 21 L05(FL4) - Simple Types   pH Book 3
Tue Sep 26 L06(FL5) - Hindley-Milner Types   pH Book 3
Thu Sep 28 L07(FL6) - Overloading, and Algebraic Types (Pellauer)   pH Book 5,6.1-6.3
Tue Oct 03 L08(FL7) - List Comprehensions PS 2 pH Book 6.4-6.7
Thu Oct 05 L09(FL8) - Desugaring: List Comprehensions and Pattern Matching   pH Book 7
Thu Oct 12 L10(SE1) - I Structures and Open Lists   pH Book 9
Tue Oct 17 Quiz 1    
SideEffects and Parallelism
Thu Oct 19 L11(SE2) M-Structures (I)   pH Book 10
Tue Oct 24 L12(SE3) M-Structures (II)   pH Book Appendix B
Thu Oct 26 L13(SE4) - Monads and Monadic I/O   Newbern, All About Monads
pH Book 8
Atomic Actions / Transaction
Tue Oct 31 L14(T1) - Bluespec: A Language of Guarded Atomic Actions    
Thu Nov 02 L15(T2) - Bluespec: A Two-level language PS 3  
Tue Nov 07 L16(T3) - Transactional Programming (I)    
Thu Nov 09 L17(T4) - Transactional Programming    
Tue Nov 14 L18(T5) - Transactions in Haskell   Discolo, et. al., Lock Free Data Structures using STM in Haskell
Thu Nov 16 Quiz 2    
Tue Nov 21 L19 - Integration of Models (I)    
Tue Nov 28 L20(DF1) - DataFlow (I)    
Nov 30 L21(DF2) - DataFlow (II)    
Tue Dec 05 L22(DF3) - Translating FL into DataFlow    
Thu Dec 07 L23(DF4) - Integration of Models (II)    
Tue Dec 12 Quiz 3 or Project Presentations