6.375 Course Announcements

Spring 2016

We will post various announcements relating to lectures, assignments, and the projects on this website, so please check back regularly. We will also post all announcements to the student mailing list.

[2/5/2016] Lab Machines

For lab 1-3, you will not be using the FPGA. Thus you may ssh into any Athena machine to do the labs. However, given that some of these machines are heavily loaded, there are also machines provisioned for the class that you can use:


Alternatively, you may use your own Linux machines if you have Debathena installed. You can use these for compilation/synthesis. Other machines with FPGAs attached will be set up in the coming weeks.

[2/3/2016] Lab 1 Assigned

Lab 1 is released and is due Wed Feb 10 11:59 PM

[2/3/2016] Lecture this Friday Feb 5

We will be having another lecture this Fri. Feb 5 instead of recitation to get you warmed up with Bluespec.

[2/2/2016] Piazza

We will be using Piazza to facilitate discussions about the class/labs. I've posted some common questions/answers from previous years.

You can access the site here: http://piazza.com/mit/spring2016/6375