6.884 Athena Workstations

The comptuer lab for this course is 38-301 and it is open 24 hours a day. The lab access code will be given out in class. If you have forgotten the code then please contact the course staff. The lab contains 20+ Dell workstations donated by Intel.

In addition to the workstations located in the course computer lab (38-301) you may also want to take advantage of the more powerful Athena/Linux machines located in the public Athena clusters. More specifically several of the Athena clusters have IBM-S50 workstations (3.2GHz, PentiumIV, 800MHz FSB, 1GB 333 DDR SDRAM). There are 4 IBM-S50 workstations in 38-370 and 12 IBM-S50 workstations in 37-318. You can check availability of workstations in these and all the public Athena clusters here.