6.884 Final Project Ideas

The most difficult part of any digital system design is having a complete and accurate specification of the intended functionality. We are providing two standard projects (an SMIPS microprocessor and a non-blocking memory system) with associated testbenches that you can choose for your class project. For these two standard projects, there are a number of directions you can choose to take.

SMIPS Microprocessor

The SMIPS microprocessor is based on the infrastructure you used for labs 1 and 2. We will compare your different designs for performance, power, and area. Here are some example ideas you might consider for your course project:

Non-blocking Memory System

The second standard project is a non-blocking memory system. The test rig will supply a stream of memory requests each tagged with an identifier, and the memory system can return these requests out-of-order (this is also the interface the project SMIPS uses to talk to memory). Your memory system will include some form of cache and will drive a DRAM main memory.