6.175 Course Information

Fall 2015

Prerequisites 6.004, 6.005
Students should be familiar with programming in an object oriented language (e.g., Java, C++) or a functional language (Haskell, ML, Scheme).
Lectures and Tutorials Lectures will be from 3:00 PM to 4 PM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Room 34-302. Some class sessions are designated as tutorials.
Grading Policy The grade in this course will be based solely on you performance on the lab exercises. Each lab is to be done individually. There is nominally one lab per week for 8 labs, with 2 more weeks for the project, for a total of 10 grade-units. Case-by-case waivers for late lab submissions may be granted by the TAs for legitimate reasons. It is more important to turn in a lab late than to not turn it in at all.
Lab Assignments Labs are to be done individually and are designed to help you construct and test designs using the techniques learned in the lectures. Some of the labs are too long to be done the night before the due date, so plan accordingly. See the schedule for details on when labs are due. Feel free to get help from others, but the work you hand in should be your own.
Collaboration Collaboration amongst students to understand the course material is strongly encouraged, however any work you turn in must be yours.
Course Reading Materials

Required: Computer Architecture: A Constructive Approach (Revision: August 25, 2015)

Recommended: BSV By Example

Recommended: Computer Organization and Design, Fourth Edition: The Hardware/Software Interface

Computer Communication The TAs and instructors can be reached for questions, comments, etc. via email at 6.175-admin mit edu. We will mail all announcements, labs, clarifications to assignments, answers to common questions, etc. to the course email list at 6.175-students mit edu.