6.375 Course Handouts

Spring 2006

Most of the documents referenced by this page are available in PDF format. On Athena, Mozilla is already configured with the necessary plug-in to view PDF files. To configure the browser on your machine you may need to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


These slides are made available for the convenience of our students. Others may use them for noncommercial purposes as long as MIT and the original authors are appropriately credited.


There will be one 90 minute quiz on Friday, March 24 in class. The quiz is closed book.

Lab Assignments

See the schedule for due dates and the course information for class policies on turning in labs and collaboration. The SMIPS Processor Specification contains details on the SMIPS ISA which is used in several of the labs.


The following tutorials show how to use the 6.375 toolflow on Athena/Linux. See 6.375 Athena Computing Resources for more information on the computing resources available for the class.